Come And Sea

Bibione Thermae

Not really into wild adventures during your stay and rather take it easy? Not a problem at all! Beyond its beautiful beach, Bibione hosts a modern and well renowned spa center for a well-deserved day of relaxation.


Built at the beginning of the 20th century, unmistakable in its shape, Bibione’s Lighthouse is situated at the mouth of the river Tagliamento.


The mindblowing city of Venice is built upon a group of 118 small islands, divided by channels and connected with bridges. If you’re up for an adventurous day, we definitely recommend a visit to this worldfamous city, only an hour away from Bibione.

Lignano through XRiver

The bank where the ferry starts is located just 1km from the lighthouse. Once boarded, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a mesmerizing natural environment. The crossing takes just a few minutes, and the boat will leave you on the other side, where you can hop on your bike and discover Lignano.

Vallevecchia through XLagoon

X-LAGOON is an experimental boat service, crossing of the Lagoon of Caorle. Specifically, it links Porto Baseleghe (Bibione Pineda) to Vallevecchia (Brussa). The small ferry can hold up to 7 persons including their bicycles. It’s a beautiful protected area where you can really get a peace of mind in the beautiful, pure and unique flora and fauna.


A few kilometers away from Bibione lies Portogruaro. Founded as a river port in the 12th century, it is crossed by the Lemene River, where ancient palaces in Venetian Gothic style overlook the river banks. Walking under its charming arcades you can reach the core of the small town, Piazza Della Republica, dominated by the Palazzo Municipale, the Town Hall.


Treviso is a town with a lot of unique aspects: the historical one because of the important facts of the past; the modern one for the various meeting-places of the young; the friendly one for its hospitable people; the artistic one because of the international displays & the ancient aspect for its historical buildings.


The heart of Udine is Piazza Libertà (Square of Liberty) where its main monuments are located: the white and pink colored Loggia del Lionello, along the Gothic-Venetian style frescoed colonnade, up to the hill of the Castle. On the top of the hill, the beautiful castle stands out.


Taking a walk along the streets of the town always arouses wonders: the Basilica of St. Anthony, the Chapel of Scrovegni displaying paintings by Giotto, the museums, the ancient churches, and the charming squares. Nature lovers cannot miss a visit to the Botanical Gardens.